Fitness at Gurnard

We are an amazing facility that offers a range of training to suit all. Our biggest aim is to make sure everyone creates their target that lead to their happiness in a way that is positive, non judgemental and in a fun & caring way which will make you smile.

There are to many individual's within the fitness industry that focus on looks, weight and getting social media likes and don't care about what the individual really wants.

With our vast range of training you will find something that you enjoy, leaves a smile on your face which in turn will ensure you continue to make long term benefits to your lifestyle. 

My instructors are all focused on making people stronger, move better and smile (have you noticed we like smiles!)

So please feel free to bring your smile to our club and join our amazing community of instructors, lifeguards, cleaners, shop workers, hands on Owner & most important our fantastic members who make the club what it is and join up online!